Where’s Your Staycation Going to Be? Consider Going South

Sightseeing with Sabriena Simpson

When many people think about a Jamaican ‘staycation’, they almost automatically think about the North Coast and West Coast. But, I’ll have you know, the South Coast, with its array of villas and boutique hotels, is not to be underestimated.

With a pandemic that has severely crippled our livelihood and ability to socialise, it was such a welcomed relief and excitement when my friend Sashane, told us that we’d be heading to the south coast for Je’vaun’s surprise birthday celebration! With bags packed with bikinis, sunscreen and other necessities, our crew of six set out for the two- hour ride.

Our spot for the weekend: Lashings Boutique Hotel and Villas, a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing getaway, tucked away in cool Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth. Yes, believe it or not, it’s quite cool there. For those of you who don’t know, Treasure Beach is not just a beach, it is a large community, made up of smaller districts and is renowned for its community tourism.

The hotel boasts a quaint, semi-rustic design; white concrete buildings accentuated by wood and a pop of blue decor. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and a panoramic view of the sea- a most serene location. The beach is also a five to seven-minute drive away.

The rooms are clean and simple, but has an interesting design comprised of rustic and antique decor. Coloured metal lamps hang on each side of the king-sized bed and in the bathroom. There are also ceiling fans in each room and wide double doors, which open up to breath-taking views.

Behind the wooden panel doors on the left and right side of the room is the bathroom, which has a unique open-concept design. There is no bathtub or shower enclosure, just an area with a shower and drain- extraordinary.

Two pools are located on property, but we were only able to use one due to social distancing measures.

The hotel also has a restaurant on property called Lashings Treetop Restaurant. It too has a rustic, but appealing design, with zinc hugging the bar area; a mango tree growing through the floor; and pieces of wood dangling from the ceiling with the names of people who, I presume, are of some importance. There is also an Instgram-worthy swing seat in the restaurant and a mini-library. Of note, is that the restaurant was sanitised regularly.

Try their tasty pizza, made with natural fresh herbs and spices; and also their fried rice.

Customer service at Lashings is good. Kudos to Christopher Ennevor, manager at the establishment, for his exceptional service.

I would definitely recommend Lashings, in fact, we initially planned to stay one night and ended up staying for two. In addition, it is very affordable.

With COVID-19 taking so much from us, consider Lashings and the South Coast for staycation. Open your JN Bank Account today and start saving for your next staycation!


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