Try Dining in the Middle of the Caribbean Sea

By Sabriena Simpson

By Sabriena Simpson

Eating out is fun. But chilling and dining in the middle of the sea takes amazing to even higher level!

Located a few miles off the coast of the Parottee Beach in St. Elizabeth, is the ultimate, rustic hang out spot called Floyd’s Pelican Bar. Named for its owner, the unique attraction is a 15-minute boat ride away from the shore and serves up tantalising seafood, beer and rum.

As the boat traversed the sea waves, I was looking out for any wild dolphins along the way, as I was told that sometimes people are lucky enough to catch sight of the beautiful mammals. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a lucky one.

When my friends and I arrived at the bar made entirely of sticks and boards, we were greeted by warm shouts of “Welcome! Welcome!” from Mr Floyd himself, who was busy playing dominoes.

While the sea breeze blew against our faces, we took a short tour of the bar. The chill spot is decorated with licence plates, shirts, posters and other memorabilia left by the many tourists who visit. Another unique feature of the bar are the names carved into the wooden structure.

We wasted no time in ordering our meals, because we figured that while we swam in the waist -deep water surrounding the bar, the chefs would have enough time to prepare the food which was done-to-order. The meals prepared were a selection of seafood, either lobster, fish or crab served with bammy or rice, at a cost of $2000 per plate. I had the garlic lobster served with bammy. And friends, that was the most succulent garlic lobster I’ve ever had! It was infused with small cuts of ginger which added a rich flavour to the taste!

Floyd’s Pelican Bar is a must visit! It’s an awesome spot to unwind with your family and friends, especially if you’re an adventurer like myself! The ocean breeze provides a great way to beat the heat. It’s so cool and relaxing that my friend Sashane fell asleep!


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