Planning a Caribbean Cruise? Here are a Few Tips?

Whether your dream is to sip cocktails in front of spectacular ocean views, explore fascinating port cities in exotic Caribbean destinations, or simply be pampered with a different spa treatment every day, a Caribbean Cruise can undeniably offer the vacation of a lifetime.

However, planning a cruise can sometimes be a challenging task, especially if you’re a novice cruiser.

  1. Pick the time of year you’d like to cruise. Conversely, cruising during a certain month may save you money if a location experiences rains or cold temperatures. This less desirable weather is known as the “shoulder” of a cruise route.
  1. Consider where you would like to cruise. If you’re not sure, narrow it down by what you prefer most. Do you want warm weather or are you more interested in cities and culture? Do you hope to relax on board the cruise, get out into jungles or mountains or take up a new surfing hobby while cruising?
  1. Read reviews of cruise routes and cruise companies. Websites such as or Smarter Travel offer reviews as well as a comparison of major cruise lines by personality type and trip ambience. Begin to put together a budget for your cruise, once you’ve narrowed down the time and location.
  1. Begin to put together a budget for your cruise. Once you’ve narrowed down the time and location it’s to check prices. Price cruises by asking travel agents, surfing travel websites such as or posting your preferred itinerary on trip auction site, which allows travel agents to bid for your cruise business. Also search Internet travel booking sites and individual cruise company websites to get an idea of prices.
  1. Save for your cruise. Once you’ve determined the price, it’s time to start saving towards your vacation. You can open a savings or vacation account at your local bank. Some institutions, like JN Bank, offer a special vacation accounts for persons who want to save specifically for that purpose.
  1. Book a cruise when you’ve committed to a destination and time frame. If you have a flexible schedule, you can save on a last-minute deal or by going during off seasons.
  1. Purchase airfare. If air travel is not a part of your cruise package, you will need to book your flights. Determine whether you would like to stay for a few extra days before or after your cruise to check out the area on land. If you have the extra time, you can see and do more things on land, saving your ship time for relaxation.
  1. Review cruise brochures to plan your travel excursions. Book shore excursions online before you cruise; some excursions may sell out.


  1. Pack For Day And Night. The dress code for cruise vacations is typically casual by day, but can be more elegant at night, depending on the ship and the event you’re attending. For Caribbean and other warm-weather destinations, beachwear is usually the style of choice, although some of the specialty restaurants aboard ship call for something a little more formal for dinner. Bring a light sweater or jacket, even for warm climates, in case you find the evening air or the air-conditioned spaces on ship a little cool.


  1. Check for Documentation. Guests are responsible for obtaining all required travel documents and must have them available when necessary. Appropriate valid travel documents, such as passport, visas, vaccination certificate and family legal documents are required for boarding and re-entry into the United States and other countries.


  1. Don’t Be Late for Boarding. Be sure to confirm the exact boarding and departure time for your cruise. If you’re traveling to the port city, consider arriving there a day early so you don’t have to rush.

Ready to sail away? It’s time to turn that cruise fantasy into a reality.


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