Out with the Old, in with the New Easy Home Improvement Projects for the New Year

Motivated by the sense of a fresh start many homeowners often set out to tackle their home improvement projects in the New Year. These renovations can range from upgrading existing fixtures and finishes to knocking down walls and adding on square footage. If you are ready to start 2019 off with a few upgrades, here are some easy and cost-effective projects you can take on to give your space a fresh new look.

Renovate the Kitchen and Bath

With simple solutions like just updating paint and cabinets or adding a backsplash, to larger projects like gutting whole kitchens and baths, these two rooms are without a doubt the first to be focused on when planning out a year in home improvement.

In the kitchen, you can add a fresh coat of paint to lively up your walls and give your kitchen a whole new look. If you don’t wish to paint the entire room, an accent wall is also a great way to go, which can add a pop of colour to your space. You can also brighten up your kitchen by painting the cupboards. This task is cheap, totally transformative and can be a fairly easy DIY project. If the lighting in your kitchen is dim or you hate the overhead fixture, change it! This is also a great way to improve your home.

For your bathroom, if the walls are looking a little past their best, then it might be time to revisit the décor. A lick of bright paint is a simple way to revitalise your space making it feel fresh, clean and airy.

If you’re not afraid of colour, then go for something bold and stylish like a feature wall, to completely transform the room. Mosaic tiles are a lavish option if you’ve got cash to splash, but otherwise a bold coloured paint will make a nice backdrop to your tub. Other projects you can tackle include replacing your old showerheads and faucets for more modern and water-saving devices, freshening up your cabinets by simply sanding, priming and painting. Replacing cracked or broken tiles is also a great way to give your bathroom a well-needed facelift.

Fix up the laundry room

For a laundry room to function well, users need easy access to everyday items such as detergents. Installing open shelves next to the washing machine to keep your detergents and other cleaners handy for everyday use is a great way to organise your laundry space. You can also use large storage drawers to keep laundry off the floor and out of sight.

The laundry room isn’t just a place to store items; it should also be conducive to post-laundry chores. To achieve this add a hanging rail for drying laundry or hanging up items straight from the dryer for minimum ironing. Think about creating a place for folding or hanging clothes. By giving yourself dedicated space in the laundry room for these tasks, you avoid the mountains of clean clothes that can pile up in the bedroom.

Upgrade your outdoor space

A landscaped walkway is a small way to deliver big personality and keep your home fresh, lively, and inviting. Create natural beauty and texture along your front walkway with an assortment of stout perennials.

Another way to improve your outdoor space is to put up a pergola, which is a great way to establish an outdoor dining area. Pergolas not only provide a distinct look, but also offer shade on hot, sunny days. To enhance the look even more you can hang lights or plants from the overhead covering.


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