Nirvanna- A Taste of India

By Sabriena Simpson

Upon entering this food haven, you are immediately reminded of the cuisine, as an aroma of Indian spices waft through the air with a welcoming greeting.

The restaurant is located 80 Lady Musgrave Road in St Andrew. Characterised by Indian chandeliers; wooden arches, which form private dining booths below, complemented by cream and brown leather seats, Nirvanna Indian Fusion takes you on a mini trip to an Indian palace.

What makes the decor even more intriguing is the fact that everything inside the restaurant comes from India. And I mean every single thing! There is also a lounge area with regal-like seating and a bar area as well. The atmosphere is very homely and comfortable and as my friend said, you can easily sit there and talk for hours, or until it’s closing time of course.

However, the venue is a little small and a reservation is necessary for large groups. It is important to note that the venue closes between 3:00 pm and 6 pm each day.

Although meal servings are a little smaller than Saffron Indian Cuisine, on Constant Spring Road, also in the city, it is not less tasty. Talk about tasty curry, coconut-infused, masala and several other dishes cooked to sheer perfection. I must add that their mutton meals and Cheese Naan are highly recommended!

The customer service is superb and the staff members are very accommodating. Take for instance, on my last visit, a friend of mine was celebrating his birthday and we had brought in a cake. They readily provided a knife and cake plates to facilitate the process. They also checked on us periodically to simply enquire if we were doing okay. We were also indecisive about where we would dine (Inside, or outside on the patio?), but our hosts were very patient with us, as we tried to make up our minds.

The Nirvanna experience is one to remember and it is highly recommended! Click to view their gallery.

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