Developing a ‘Think Rich’ Mindset Through Yoga

Did you know enriching one’s physical and mental health, and practising consistent self-affirmation, through disciplines, such as yoga, can position one to achieve financial wellness?

“Different postures and breathing techniques can free up mental space in the brain and provide clarity, thus allowing you to use money more effectively and create energy to find lucrative financial opportunities and increase revenue,” says Yoga Master Sandra Griffiths.

Ms Griffiths, the founder of Yoga Angels Enterprise, who was a recent guest on JN Bank Redesigning Your 2020 Goals online series explained that the Hindu discipline is a “pathway that guides one to self-discovery and balances the equilibrium between the mind, body and spirit.”

Here’s how it can help you to pivot and achieve your goals this year despite the global challenges.

  1. It clears the mind so you can make better decisions

According to Oxford, Yoga is widely practised for health and relaxation, incorporating breath control, simple meditation, and specific bodily postures to achieve its goal. However, Ms Griffiths outlined that its benefits can be very broad:

  • It improves one’s ability to remain focused
  • Improves agility
  • Strengthens the body
  • Clears the mind so one can make better decisions

“Overall, yoga promotes wellness and allows you to become a more rounded being”, she underscored.

“Life can be challenging, but if you are healthy and taking care of your finances, the challenge can be less,” Ms Griffiths pointed out. “Your health and your wealth work together and yoga helps you to merge the two.”

She added that financial stability comes from a sense of security in one’s life.

  1. It promotes balance and principle through habitual self-affirmation

As she demonstrated the different yoga poses and bends, she encouraged viewers to do self-affirmations, as they practise.

“Affirm in your mind: ‘I am healthy, wealthy and wise, I have great health and I have a lot of money. I invest well. I love money. Money loves me. We have a great relationship. My health and my wealth are in coherence,” she said.

“You can run these affirmations and many more in your mind and sync your health and wealth together for abundance, joy and a healthy body and mind.”

While showing the viewers a series of back bend yoga postures, she explained that they can be done in the comfort of their homes or office and standing postures like “mountain” can even be done in the supermarket, while standing in line.

“I understand that in the beginning, whenever we are saying these affirmations, they may seem a bit false. Let’s say we have no physical cash dollars right now in our hands or in the bank, but the idea is you need to affirm and feel that kind of richness in your life. You have to already feel it and affirm it, so that you can go ahead and make it come in to your physical reality,” Ms Griffiths encouraged, while at the same encouraging the adoption of practical principles.

She implored viewers to save 20 per cent of all their earnings.

“Start wherever you can but give yourself permission to pay yourself first. You have to put the principles in your life,” she urged.

Ms Griffiths also pointed out that there are Chakras in the body.

“They are also referred to as subtle energy body and you are constantly either blocking them or opening them to allow balance in your life. The equilibrium comes from your subtle energy body being balanced,” she explained.

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